Alms-houses and A B C

Whilst the project volunteers have been making steady progress on the estate vouchers and the papers of Sir Guy, Lady Katherine, Sir Richard and Lady Beatrice this week, I’ve been very self indulgent; going through some earlier material which has caught my eye. These documents are from the papers of Lady Mary Graham (1681-1753) who inherited the Manor of Nunnington and its lands including the hospital school.  As can be seen from this memorandum below, an additional six acres, known as Croft Close located in Hovingham, just outside of Nunnington, was purchased in 1735, to extend what the Hospital School could provide .

ZKZ 3 2 009 Hospital school a

Memorandum and receipt from Graham Family of Norton Conyers Collection. Copyright : North Yorkshire County Record Office

The hospital school was originally founded by Ranald Graham, prior to 1678, with a rent-charge of £20 issuing out of the Manor of Nunnington.  Of this sum, one receipt from 1684, shows £9 being split amongst the six alms-houses and for employing a schoolmaster. Other people contributed to the charity, and funds  were spent on housing and clothing (blue serge gowns and coats anyone?) the poor and educating two pupils, such as John Letby and Alice Moor mentioned below.  It is interesting to see that girls were being educated at this time too. Repairs to the building and  employment of a woman to wind the school clock were other regular outgoings.

ZKZ 3 2 009 Hospital school b.jpg

One invoice and a receipt from the Graham Family of Norton Conyers Collection. Copyright : North Yorkshire County Record Office.

It’s easy to become sidetracked by small collections such as this, but it’s the detailed study of them which expand our knowledge of the collection and the lands and inhabitants represented.

Catch you next week!


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